FBI Christ Ministries

The mission of FBI, the tee shirts, the evangecube and the tracts is to form an army of Christian evangelist united together not by churches and doctrine but on the great commission in which we all agree upon. As David said when the church was hiding from Goliath “is there not a cause?” And is there not a cause today? I was a Fire Captain for Los Angeles County for 36 years and I observed that when there were no fires and it was slow around the fire station we bickered about little things. However, when the fire alarm went off we came together to do what we were trained to do.  

 And even when the fire was out there was unity and excitement about the job well done.I believe it is the same way with the church; we need fire fighters, green berets and agents to extinguish the flames of hell that are burning up our world, country and families. Do you want to enlist? It could be dangerous. But you could also be part of changing our world here and the one to come! The idea is to have churches form their own chapters and it does not matter what Christian denomination you are. The shirts are our uniforms and colors which cannot be bought or worn by anyone who has not attended a boot camp (Friday night and Saturday morning) training and in the street handing out tracts, witnessing or sharing the evangecube. For more info see “boot camp” tab. Gangs have colors and you get them by killing someone. You get into THIS gang when you go out to SAVE a life. Remember agents, our chief weapon is love and it is powerful enough to destroy the enemy. This is not a debating situation if we go out and share the gospel and explain the condition of man’s soul, people will be born again and love you forever. I believe the tee shirts will unite us and give the gospel recognition. After a while people will recognize the FBI differently when they see you coming, because you are a visible part of an army seeking the lost, setting people free, and healing the broken hearted. That was Jesus’ ministry on earth but this time He is using His body on earth to finish the job. Also, evangelism is sometimes lonely and we lose steam, but we are here to encourage and pray for each other and to come up with new ways to share Jesus.

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