Airport Taxi San Diego

Airport Taxi San Diego is a leading source for airport transportation to top southern california airport destinations.

Reliable, timely and effecient. They will get you to your destination on time. Unlike typical Airport Shuttles, Airport Taxi San Diego does not charge extra for each additional passenger. Neither are there any hidden or extra charges, such as gasoline surcharges, gratuity, etc. Simply. we provide a single rate for as many passengers as our vehicles can legally carry! Unlike typical airport taxis, Airport Taxi San Diego does NOT overcharge by taking advantage of the passenger's unfamiliarity with San Diego roadways.

Our rates are clearly listed upfront, with no guesswork and no unpleasant surprises. When scheduling a pick-up time be sure to consider not only the time it will take to get to the airport from your point of origin, but also include the time it will take to check-in your luggage and time for airport regulated security checks. Most airports recommend arriving approximately 2 hours prior to your scheduled departure.

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